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Friday, April 13, 2007

Mark's Score

If Mark scored a 62 out of a possible 60 points on today's test, is his percentage score:

a) 102%
b) more than 100%
c) less than 100%

Explain why you chose the answer you did. Remember, this is math. Math involves quantitative, or measurable data. This means you can "measure" your thinking, or "explanation", by testing it. Test your explanation to know if you are right.

Learn to evaluate your own work. Learn to run your own life.

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  • At 9:43 AM , Anonymous skyler said...

    B. B. B. B. B. B. B.

  • At 9:46 AM , Blogger Adam Stuart said...

    Ah, perhaps Sky Man, perhaps. Who knows? Without your explanation of why you chose "B" how do I know you know?

    Go back and struggle a little longer. Let your mental muscles grow.

  • At 9:47 AM , Anonymous nikolas said...

    B its B beacause just beacause 60 =100% out of a test it realy = something diffrent so lets see here on calculater 100 / 60 = 1.6667 but since 60 is equaling 100 its 60 / 100 witch is 0.6 so 0.6 * 100 = 60 but he got 62 so its actually c wait lemme get back to you.......

  • At 9:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think it is A because 60 is like a 100 right? So 2 extra credit points would be 102.


  • At 9:52 AM , Anonymous haseeb and mark said...

    mark and I think the answer is (a)because 60/60 = 100% but I got 2 extra credit points and each one costs 1 point each .So we added 2 to 100 and got 102%.

  • At 9:52 AM , Anonymous Esha,Belle,Serena,Summer said...

    Belle, Esha, Serena and Summer think that the answer is A because since 60 is the total amount of possible points & is 100%of the test.Since he got 2 extra credit points the answer would be 102.

  • At 9:57 AM , Anonymous dallas said...

    I think the answer is a because mark got a 100% and each extra credit points is 1 point so if he got 2 extra credit point he got 102

    from dallas

  • At 9:59 AM , Anonymous nikolas & skyler said...

    its c beacause 60 = 100 so 60 / 100 = o.6 so you just add 2 0.6 witch is 1.2 so its 101.2 kk its skyler and nick bye

  • At 10:10 AM , Anonymous Anton said...

    I think yt ys "b".

  • At 10:11 AM , Anonymous UNNOWN said...

    iyts "I". Because!

  • At 10:17 AM , Blogger Adam Stuart said...

    nick n sky - re 959am

    this is how im reading this, you're saying his score is LESS THAN 100% by saying the answer is "C".

    But then you're proving his score is MORE THAN 100% BY calculating the answer?

    (*Ah, I see a mistake - I meant to type "less than 100%" in the question)

    Your results are not supporting your prediction. What does this tell you about your prediction? Rework this new data. I'll edit my mistake.

  • At 10:21 AM , Anonymous skyler & nick said...

    the answer is a then because of it being 101.2 so its prety much this is skylers and my previus post its c beacause 60 = 100 so 60 / 100 = o.6 so you just add 2 0.6 witch is 1.2 so its 101.2 kk its skyler and nick bye

    so thats it

  • At 10:25 AM , Anonymous Sandeep & Malcolm said...

    Hi, this is Sandeep & Malcolm your fellow students and our answer is one he got zero wrong and thats a hundred. then you divide 100 by 0.5 and got 121. Also the 0.5 is for the points since each answer is 0.5 points. So the answer is B since its more!


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