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Friday, February 15, 2008

Chopin ~ Nocturne

"Night piece"; title for romantic miniature compositions for piano, etc

Frederic Chopin

Chopin's beautiful piano pieces earned him a reputation as the greatest composer for the piano. His family was poor and lived in Poland. His mother was Polish and his father was French. He went from Poland to Paris in 1831, and in 1838 he toured England and Scotland though he was very ill.

Chopin was from the Romantic period. He was born in ZelaZowa Wola, Poland, 1810 and died in 1849 in Paris, France, because of steadily worsening tuberculosis.

Chopin received musical training from Adalbert Zywny and then he went to a conservatory where he studied under Joseph Elsner.

Chopin was born to a poor but aristocratic family. His first piano lesson was at the age of six. Chopin played in the public at the age of eight. Field, the style of Hummel and Bach all influenced him.

Chopin wrote music for the piano, orchestra and miniatures such as Polonaise in A-Flat major and Nocturne in F-sharp. Some of his most famous pieces are Polonaise in A-flat major, Waltz in C-sharp minor, Prelude in D-Minor and Nocturne in F-sharp.

We liked Prelude in D-minor because it sounded like a stormy night and then it sounded like a quiet night, it kept switching and sounded very interesting. The MIDI we found is Prelude in D-Minor at Music History 102: Frederic Chopin

by Sara F. and Cecily P. (Grade 5)


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