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This is dedicated to my amazing students. The goal is for each and every one of them to feel unstoppable by the time they walk out of the classroom door for the final time in May. This chronicles their journey; their own Chronicles of Self-Actualization.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taneicea's Encore & Chapter One ~ The Silk Road

Yesterday I meant to take the day off now that testing is over to get some rest. I forgot to, and I'm glad I did. I got a huge surprise when I let the zoo animals...I mean at the morning bell.

Somehow Taneicea talked her parents into staying in Orlando for one more week until Spring Break (This foto was last Wednesday when she first told me she was moving. I was too affected to look at the camera so I gave my evil eye to someone who was goofing off.....probably Luis or Chad :-)

Before she left last week something told me to write a quick chapter during lunch from an education/adventure book I'm sloooooooowly working on. After I shared it with the class Taneicea started writing her own story. You have to read it. Now that she's back I'll try to get it scanned or I'll ask her to type it......It's good and speaks volumes.

This is the first draft of a new book from the series, Once Upon a Tree


Brosden, Bella and Sofia have been transported back in time once again. They find themselves in the year 1274 a.d. where they meet Marco Polo on Asia's Silk Road. Mr. Polo has just arrived himself, and he looks very tired.

"Why are you so tired, Mr. Polo", Brosden asks. He was very polite for an eleven-year-old boy.

"Call me Marco. I'm only 20. My father, uncle and I have been traveling for three years to get here. We came on a ship, wagon, horseback and now on foot."

"It took us on-wley three minutes", says Sofia. Even though she was six, she still had twouble, I mean 'trouble', pronouncing some of her letters.

"Sofia, shhh! He won't understand", Bella quickly said as she took off her jacket. It was really warm here.

"Why won't he undahstand? Is he not vewry smart?"

Brosden interrupts the two by stepping between them. "Mr. Polo, er Marco,'re a lot older to me than you think."

"Yeah. Like by almost 800 years", Bella said under her breath.

Brosden shushes his sister by covering her mouth before saying, "Marco, why did you travel so far? What's here?"

"Oh my, little guy! This is the famous Silk Road of the continent, Asia. We are merchants from Venice, Italy. We have come to bring rare and exotic goods back to Europe."

"Ware goods? Ware awre wat goods?", Sofia wondered aloud.

"Rare, Sofia, rare. It means exotic, strange, very different."

Brosden liked when Bella explained words to Sofia. That way he wasn't embarrassed when he had to ask. He didn't like it that his younger sister did better in school, but he tried not to let it bother him. "What kind of different things are here that aren't in Europe?"

"Well, things like gunpowder, coal, and paper money. We're headed to Shangdu to meet Emperor Kublai Khan. Would you like to join us?"

"Sure!", replied Brosden, who was always up for an adventure.

"What's a kwoobly kwan..."

"Don't even try it Sofia. He's a ruler with a name that's impossible for you to say."

"I too can say it, Bella. We have woolers in school. See, 'wool-lers'".

"Not 'rulers'. Oh, never mind! Let's go before they leave without us", and Bella, who could be a little bossy, took Sofia by the hand.......

***And these are some of Taneicea's recent comments on the blog I write for them, called Stuart's Spectacular Students.

I would not only say she's been reached, but confident and smart enough now to believe in and start creating the gifts she hears within her heart.

***From "Fossil Results"

hi mr.stuart this is taneicea and that when i read that i think that when people have ideas and i can listen to them and then i can and my ideas to them and then it can even a better idea then it was before. Also that I will find a way to get more then what i have already in classworks. And it was great to have the class call me and care so much about me and call me just like mr.stuart would and that they are all great and that I like to thank them so much I think this is the best class ever and then mr.stuart. love taneicea

hey mr.stuart this taneicea last week was not that so good so i came back to have a better week than before and I could not leave without saying good bye to flo in our class I know when I leave you guys will or might miss me.

i love you and i would do anything to have you.
love taneicea.

7:30 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And these are from "Good Day or Bad Day?"

hey stuart this is taneicea again and thank you for everything that you done for me and that i would not be what i am today and it is because of you. thank you.
roses are red volits are blue
being with you there is nothing else I would want to do. I love you and thank you without you I dont know what my life would be like if I did not have you and i am not like i am with you. love tpk

8:30 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mr.stuart this is taneicea and i do not know what to do for my land form and that is is tommmorow and i have lots of things but they are already taking and i do not konw what to do and i really want to do this but i cant without a speach to do and i want you to help me pick what i might be the best at and what can help me face my fears the most so by the time i have to go at the end of the week i will be feeling better than i was last week and that once i try to face my fear and that when i leave hopefully that the fear that i have of this will be no longer inside me and that is another step closer to living my live and it will all because of you. Ilove you [as a teacher] THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND BELIVING IN ME AND CARING IN ME. I LOVE YOU. Taneicea Pace Knox

8:48 AM


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