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This is dedicated to my amazing students. The goal is for each and every one of them to feel unstoppable by the time they walk out of the classroom door for the final time in May. This chronicles their journey; their own Chronicles of Self-Actualization.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chapter Two ~ Teaching on a Cellular Level

On this same day of great victory for one student (last Wednesday), there was only one name left on the board under "Strength Training" (things like "talking when others spoke, voice volume way too high", etc). This student could have seen this as a great defeat; gone home embarrassed, upset and ticked off, focusing on how unfair it was that he was being "singled out". (Photo 1)

Instead, he saw it as a great opportunity, turned down a friend's offer to play that afternoon, and focused on turning in a project that scored a perfect 100% on the gifted rubric. And he turned it in one day before it was due. Now that's desire, and victory over victimization! (Photo 2)

What happened was that he focused on being 100% responsible for his reality, and ended up producing the reality that he wanted.

How? For three days 100% of my thoughts have been on him being 100% responsible for his own thoughts and actions. That's 60,000 thoughts x 3 or 180,000 thoughts over three days.

180,000 thoughts surrounding him, infiltrating him, inspiring him and uplifting him to new levels of possibility and production. As he believed in himself he added his own 180,000 thoughts, creating a combined 360,000 powerful thoughts of production in just 3 days.

It's the same process my son and I use that allows him not to need his medicine to control his ADHD when he's around me. His younger brother, who is even worse, doesn't need it either. His mom and I are both trying to figure out exactly why this happens.

To be honest I'm not quite sure. All I know is that Brosden and I, his brother, my students.....we create a universe of total confidence, great ability and unlimited strength, and we do this together. We don't hope or try. We KNOW and DO. (Photo 3)

Since we shed and create millions of cells per second, it's possible that because I vibrate so strongly the emotions of love, laughter, life, strength, etc.........around me their new cells are created with new receptors for the natural chemicals (dopamine, elastin, etc) which allow us to think, feel and act at more powerful levels.

And if this is what is happening, as science suggests, this next example had an even more profound effect on this student, further changing him from the inside out on a cellular level.

I had him hold some papers in one hand and raise his other hand and face the class. I took the big picture of MLK off the wall and held it behind him, then shouted to the class, "What do you think? See a similarity? Martin Luther King had a dream. ____ had a dream. And they both Did Big about making their dream become true. You're not looking at the next MLK. You're looking at the FIRST ____, becoming his BIGGEST self! "

Kids from other classes came in at least three times to borrow his project and take it to their class. That's three more positive cellular changes.

Education isn't about only preparing students for tests. It's about switching them on and lighting them up to their true scientific nature of unlimited possibility (including in the microtubials, or our on/off switches, of the neurons in our brains).

And it's not about them becoming the next MLK, Edison or Lincoln. It's about them becoming the first ever THEMSELVES. They have never been here on Earth before. They will never be here again. Lasting, life-long education is bringing out and developing the gifts only they can bring to this world, and teaching them how to do it on their own after you're gone.

Can you imagine an entire class doing this for an entire year? Can you imagine entire school systems doing this? I had 27 kids come to my reading class yesterday (we're having homogeneous math and reading classes this year). That's a total of 28 people x 60,000 or 1,680,000 potential thoughts a day all on what we want. It's my job as their teacher to passionately focus all these 1.7 million daily thoughts to produce powerfully acting people.

Change DOES occur. Obstacles ARE overcome. And children DO BECOME their greatest selves POSITIVELY affecting the world. Even just one of these future men and women can become a WORLD CHANGER!

To ensure the action this year produces the results we want for tomorrow, all we have to do is identify what action each student should be taking each day for optimal growth. What specific areas of weaknesses should they be focused on overcoming on a daily basis? Let's change them from the inside-out on a cellular level. And let's change them permanently by teaching them how to believe in and change themselves. (Photo 3)


Photo 1 - statue of Julius Ceasar in Rome


Photo 2 - One of the pictures Bella took while driving to or from Ohio. The beauty this child is seeing and bringing to the world is incredible


Photo 3 - It's not right that we can't include pictures of the actual students. It would have so much more meaning. Living in fear and playing it safe is critically limiting. Can you imagine if this was our thought process while being taught how to walk?

"Don't try too hard, you might fall. As long as you try to do your best, it's OK if you can't walk." What!?! We don't try our best. We try UNTIL.

I chose this picture because it shows the singularity of focus in my eyes. No hoping or trying my best. I'm trying and doing until the student I was looking at got it.

This is exactly what made the Samurai warriors the greatest of their time; singularity of focus. And one of the reasons my first weblog was named "Samurai Teaching". Everyone around me, past, present, future, has something to teach me.

Photo 4 - Even if you only have three powerful people all powerfully focusing on the same end result (i.e. mom, dad, child - grandpa, grandma, teacher, etc) the result is POWERFUL (Bella and I with Marc Mero, founder of the terrific program Champions of Choices)

And believe me, Bella's spirit is just as powerful as Marc's and mine, which is why I grabbed the boy by the shirt who ran into her at Mammoth Cave. I'm here to protect this spirit until it's developed and given to the world. That's my excuse for sometimes "being too scary" as she and Sofia tell me, and I'm sticking to it.


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