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This is dedicated to my amazing students. The goal is for each and every one of them to feel unstoppable by the time they walk out of the classroom door for the final time in May. This chronicles their journey; their own Chronicles of Self-Actualization.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Fighting for Fun

Taneicea, I will never give up on you. You can doubt yourself in angle-tangle all you want, but I never will

Whose class are you in?

Are you allowed to fail?

No one ever has,
and no one ever will...........

.....especially not you

Little Miggs, you doubt yourself in science, not taking notes that could help you go from the bottom of the barrell, to the top of the apple tree.

"Whose class are you in in, where giving up isn't allowed? Who doesn't see you as a failure, and refuses to let you fail? Who will keep believing in and pushing you, until you do the same for yourself?"

So here, borrow my strength and belief I have for you, borrow it as long as you need to, until you have the same confidence in yourself as I do in you.

The only form of failure history has ever known, is when you quit, give up, and stop trying.....I don't think I'll be lettin' any of you lads and lassies be doin' that anytime soon (and I'm saying this in my Shrek voice).

And if you don't have the strength at the moment, you may borrow mine. I may be just an ugly ogre, but my strength is fine. Together we'll see you're highest self this year.

The fight for your highest self must go on! Only then can the real fun begin.

Looking good Drew, looking good.

(Why the bandanna the past two days?....Why not?...Actually I've overslept Thursday and went to school forgetting it was on my head. Today I got a creme pie in my face on the morning news to promote a fund raiser and my hair is all sticky.)

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  • At 1:53 PM , Anonymous Belle said...

    I just found out Raymonds in your class! That's cool. All your students are very lucky to be in your class. I miss you so much and about the bandana take it off. You are still working on your fashion good job, and I hope you have fun with your class this year. And trust me I miss u so much. Well, tell your students that I said hi and work on your memory, Mr. Goldfish. I can see they haven't found out yet. But they probably will. Well gotta go!

  • At 1:54 PM , Anonymous Belle said...

    Oh, I forgot to tell you I'm in drama at my school, and I'm getting into acting with my Dad, I'm glad he's an actor, he helps me out alot with my lines.
    Pink Belle

  • At 4:37 PM , Anonymous Sandeep Singh your 2007-2008 student said...

    Boy!!!!!!! Mr. Stuart it seems like a long time LOL. Well the day that you posted this one I completely forgot to tell you that it was my birthday on the day you posted this one which is October 5th. Also it was so hilarious last year because I didn't say anything about my Birthday until Marukh told you about my Birthday and you started to tease me by joking so I just wanted to remind you about it.

    Also you said you created something with me called Thor's Travels and the question was...

    In Europe this a Country to the bottom right of Germany. It starts with an "A" for all you Academic A students out there. I have been there before and I saw the 2006 Soccer/Fifa World Cup from a trip my dad won from working on the Disney Cruise because we always reaches and climbs the tall mountains to fulfill his dreams and goals which is traveling. Well I gave you the Question and you have till November 2nd which is the day I am getting my report card and so as I say you have till November 2nd to answer the question.
    P.S. I know the question is short and easy for you all to answer but trust me. My next question is going to make your minds blowing.


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