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Friday, June 29, 2007

Be a Hero to a Child

"Sexual abuse destroys the lives of thousands of innocent children everyday."

To live life to its very fullest is hard enough. Believing you can do it after going through abuse makes it nearly impossible. Abuse strips one of self-confidence, importance and self-worth. In effect, it destroys one's inner strength. Life becomes lost; the waking to the drab of one dead new dawn after another.

I believe we are capable of being both lovers and fighters, especially when it comes to fighting for what you love. If your Yang responds to this particular message of love, let it flow into your Yin and become part of the BE A CHILD'S HERO program.

My new friend here on MySpace, Maria DiGiovanni, introduced this to me and knows much more than I do. If you'd like to know more, please follow the links in this article or find her pic on my top friends.

Who you are has a whole lot to do with WHAT YOU DO WITH WHO YOU ARE. Where most people say "that's too bad" about an unfortunate situation, Maria agrees that it is too bad, AND DOES SOMETHING about it.

She is no more wonderful than the person who feels terrible but does nothing with those feelings; she's just making a more wonderful impact in the world by doing something with her becoming a hero to child.

If this program makes you feel, allow those feelings to move you to action and become who you are, in this case, a hero!


The most important sexual abuse article on this site!

It is possible to greatly decrease the chances of your child being sexually abused. How do you do this you ask? Be A Child's Hero is committed to offering free educational information about Sexual Abuse Prevention and Sex Offender Behavior. Please check with us often as we add new articles and update this site. We here at Be A Child's Hero Network (BACHNET) believe that Sexual Abuse can be prevented. Sexual Abuse destroys the lives of thousands of innocent children everyday. Sexual Abusers account for a growing number of the prison populations throughout the United States. Sexual Abusers utilize pornography, obscene writings, and other abusers to spread their filth to others. We at BACHNET believe that every person can Be A Child's Hero by learning everything about sexual abuse, sexual abusers, molesters, exhibitionists, rapists, pornographers, and any other type of person who would want to sexually abuse a child. The key to sexual abuse prevention is information, education and guidance about sexual abuse and sexual abusers – the how, why, when, who, and what. Every person can help to prevent or stop sexual abuse. Be a part of the solution and become educated about sexual abuse and the sex offenders who abuse and getting your questions answered. Every person can help to prevent or stop sexual abuse. Be a part of the solution and become an educated person about sexual abuse and the sex offenders who abuse.

First, lets talk about how this article came about. As a person who works with Sex Offenders, I have been continually asked, "How do I protect my child/children from molesters?" The answer is very complicated and detailed. I have attempted to narrow it down to a few simple steps. Yet, these steps will cause the most controversy, because they are uncomfortable to do, and people will worry about hurting a family member's or friends' feelings. Yet, these steps will provide more protection for your child than you will ever know. The reason you will never know it is because you are not a Sex Offender. Only a Sex Offender (or a Sex Offender Therapist) will know how effective this plan is. I have spent a great deal of time talking and questioning sex offenders about this plan and the overwhelming majority said it would have prevented them from abusing their victims. Why? Because the risk of getting caught is too high. More reasons are listed below in some of the steps. I realize this is a very sensitive subject and regretfully most people do not discuss this subject until their child is abused. This is what has to change. The way to protect your children is to make this subject an open topic within the family.

Now, let's talk about who your children are at the most risk from. The overwhelming majority of all child sexual abusers (90-95%)[1] abuse a family member or family friend. There are varying statistics on how many children are actually abused each year, but on average 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are abused each year (these vary greatly depending on which source is quoted and because a lot of sexual abuse goes unreported).. With that in mind, how do you deter somebody that you trust? Believe me if your child is being targeted by a sex offender, the chances are extremely high that you trust this person. NEVER think that it won't happen to your children and not do anything to prevent it. If your child is being targeted the chances are great that he/she is a person you trust.. The reasons why and how are too in-depth to go into in this article, but will appear in a later one.

To actually deter, prevent, and or stop your child from being sexually abused (it is possible that it may be happening now) will take your continued support and reassurance to your child. I say this because this is not something you do only once – it must be done often! Regardless of how uncomfortable it makes you feel – you must do these things for your child's sake. Here are some things I believe will help make your child safer and then I will tell you why it will work:

1. BOTH parents (together) talk with your children about sexual abuse. Talk to them alone or together if more than one child-whichever you feel your child/children will be the most comfortable with, and begin as soon as your child can understand sentences and knows the difference between right and wrong on some level. Tell them what inappropriate touching is, and that it is unacceptable from anyone –INCLUDING you as the parents (see last page for books on this subject). I can't emphasize that last point enough. So many offenders tell their victims that it is OK because they are their Dad or Mom. So tell them together that it is not alright from anyone. Tell them to watch out for people who "jokingly" talk about sex, or that seem to "accidentally" walk in on them when they are in the bathroom or changing clothes – anytime that the child may be undressing. You as the parent can think of other times like these to give as examples. As your child grows older and matures both emotionally and mentally you can increase the depth of these discussions, but never believe that you can stop having them too soon. Continue these until your child understands these things completely and then continue to reassure them of your support. For more details on what to tell your children go to: or for a complete list of articles

2. Develop a network in advance for your children and involve them in the selection of who goes on that list. It should be a list that your children are comfortable with-not you. This is a network of people that your child can turn to in the event they are being sexually abused or feels that someone might be setting them up for sexual abuse. Never make the mistake of believing your child does not need this network, because they do. Not only do they need this network, they need your permission to go to any of them in the event they are abused. It's not that they actually need your permission, it's that they need to know ahead of time that you, as the parents, won't be upset with them and that they won't get into trouble if they do. This is extremely important, because if the offender is family, your child already feels very confused, scared and would feel even more uncomfortable and confused if he/she had to tell Mom what Dad is doing, or vise-versa. Sex Offenders know this and use it against your children to keep them quite. Update this list with your children often, especially as your child grows older and matures emotionally and mentally, and at least once a year and make any revisions to it. Let your child know that it is alright for them to go to anyone else that is not on the list if they have to.

3. Tell your child that if something does happen to them to tell at least two people on that list and to keep telling until the abuse stops. That if they are abused that an offender may tell them – it is their fault, or that they will get into trouble, or that they will be taken away, or that you ,as the parents will stop loving them and will hate them. Tell them ahead of time that these will never happen and are not true. Sex Offenders use these lies very effectively to silence their victims, and tell them that. When you take away an offenders ability to get his victim to keep silent you take away his power and his desire to target your child. Click here for more details on lies by molesters:"

4. Make it a point to reassure your children constantly. The more comfortable they are the more confidence they build and their self-confidence can be a very strong deterrent to most sex offenders – Sex Offenders typically stay away from children with strong self confidence because they believe they couldn't get them to keep their terrible secrets.

5. Let all the people on your child's network list know that they are on it. Let them know your child has your permission to contact them in the event something happens and ask if they are alright with it. (Then tell them about this plan that you are doing so they can do it with their children.)

6. This one is one of the most important steps I can tell you about. This step is the one EVERY other abuse prevention plan doesn't tell you about, but it's the most important. In addition to those on your child's network, let ALL of your family and friends, as well as, your child's friends parents – especially those that your child is closely involved with – sleepovers and such - know about this plan in detail! No matter how uncomfortable it maybe, because trust me - it is not only important - but vital to your child's safety. Also, tell all your new friends about it as well – never believe you can stop doing it. I'll list all the reasons why next.

7. Now for why this will be effective with deterring a sex offender (it's not absolute- but it would have deterred the majority of offenders I have interveiwed). By doing these things and going over them with your child often – updating your network, friends, neighbors, etc. – you are letting anyone that is a potential sex offender (active or inactive) know that you, your child, and friends are prepared for them. That their lies will not be believed by your child and your child WILL tell on them without any hesitation. I'm sure you are wondering how will an offender know these things? Simple – YOU told them already! Remember what was said earlier about 90-95% of all child sexual abuse victims are victimized by family or friends? So, if your child is/was being targeted by an offender the chances are enormous that he/she is someone that you know and trust and could be even someone on your child's network – that's why you have your child tell 2 people on that list – it provides and extra safety measure for your child. Because a sex offender takes advantage of children's vulnerabilities, being a victim of previous sexual abuse is a big one that they could easily exploit. By following this plan you have in effect told these potential offenders they are going to get caught ahead of time. Sex Offenders generally target children where the risk of getting caught is sufficiently low enough to be worth the risk they are taking. This plan puts your children in, what I believe to be, an unacceptable risk category. This means they will target someone else and leave your child alone. Sex Offenders typically keep a mental note of potential victims for future use and by doing this plan they would be taking your child off that list. As disgusting as that sounds it is very true. That is why telling every one you know about this plan is so important. That is really the secret to its success. Afterall, for years parents have been telling their children about inappropriate touching, the lies, staying away from strangers and other things about child molesters, but this hasn't prevented a lot of children from being abused. It probably was the reason the abuse ended when it did, but it had very little to do with true prevention. That's because no one was telling the potential offender ahead of time. Telling any would be offender that your child is prepared for them WILL scare most of them off.

One thing I will assure you, when you stop letting people (friends, family, neighbors, etc. know about this plan, a molester could be just waiting for the opportunity. So, please don't ever stop working this plan, inform everyone you know and that your child comes in close contact with, including teachers, coaches, ministers, etc. In essence, by you and your family working this plan, you would be making it virtually impossible for most offenders to hurt your child. I must tell you that this does not make your children 100% safe. There are still those sex offenders that do chose children that are strangers (they are a very small percentage of all child sexual abusers 6% to 9%). That's where the talks of avoiding strangers in cars and stuff are still vitally important to continue. There are also those offenders who are so arrogant that believe they won't get caught.

This article was written after years of interviewing and studying sex offenders and their targeting methods. We went straight to the experts –the Molesters. They are the true experts in the field of Child Molesting – the how, the why, the who, etc.. The problem is most sex offenders aren't willing to talk about these things. The reasons for that should be obvious—It would make it harder for them to continue doing what they enjoy - sexually abusing children. We interveiwed untreated sex offenders, but got our most reliable information from Treated Sex Offenders and have learned and studied their targeting methods and have discovered a lot of similarities – which is how this article came about. It is my hope that this article can help to make your children safer..

I have provided a sample 'form' type letter that can be used, if you chose, to notify family and friends about this Abuse Protection Plan to simplify a possibly uncomfortable task. Possibly the only thing you need to do is send/give them a copy of this plan, and the related articles, so they can be working it also. If everyone is doing it the rate of child sexual abuse would drop dramatically. It is about protecting your children and it is vitally important that you inform everyone including all family, trust me, the person you overlook or think surely he/she would never do anything like that is the one that may come back to haunt you. So please don't overlook anyone – IT REALLY DOES MATTER! The form is included on the last page. I hope it helps.

For more related articles about this topic and others about sex offenders go to or click here:"



A new book that provides an excellent source of information about how to identify a child molester and how to protect your children from child molesters are Identifying Child Molesters and Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

An excellent guide for teaching your children about sexual abuse is A Very Touching Book by Jan Hindman; for teens No Is Not Enough by Caren Adams, Jennifer Fay, and Jan-Loreen Martin; for adults By Silence Betrayed by John Crewdson.

I hope and pray that this article was informative and that you implement it as soon as possible.


TO: Our Family and Friends

From: The _________________________ Family

Our family is working our Abuse Prevention Plan and is notifying ALL our family and friends that we have an Abuse Prevention Plan in place to protect our children from being sexually abused. We have decided to take a more direct approach to our child's/children's safety.

Some of you may be asked to be a part of our child's/children's contact network, but that is our child's decision. Please do not be offended if you are not chosen, after all they still may contact you if they feel they need to.

We also hope that in no way that this letter offends you. We know this letter does not apply to the overwhelming majority of people in society, but there are those who it does apply to. After learning that the largest amount of victims are abused by family and friends, we believe that in our child's/children's best interest we must do these things to safeguard them. In fact, we expect the same from our family and friends and expect to receive similar letters or discussions, and eagerly await them. We have enclosed a copy of the actual Abuse Prevention Plan for your convenience.

We are letting everyone know we have discussed at great length everything in the abuse Prevention Plan with our child/children. Our child/children are well prepared for any one who would want to hurt them and have our unconditional love, support and reassurance and know not to believe anything else. They have also been well informed on typical lies that are told to innocent victims to silence them. Our children have numerous people to contact in the event someone is trying to hurt them. We are committed to ensuring our child's/children's safety and will review, reinforce and update this plan with them often.

We would expect no less from our families and friends because we know you love your children as we do ours. Thank you for letting us into your home with such a sensitive subject. But, as we have learned, it is that sensitivity – a reluctance to talk about this – that allows these perpetrators to hurt our children.



©2003. All Rights Reserved by Be A Child's Hero.


[1] Actual statistic is 92.5% taken (n=301) from an OK Sex Offender Treatment facility in 2002 (Actual statistics vary depending on what source is used.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Power of Attitude - The Movie

I know it's summer but here's a great short movie on the power of attitude. It's definitely worth checking out. See how many things you recognize from our year together.

The Power of Attitude Movie

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lucratrive yet Lovely Light-Hearted Lemonade


What a wonderfully refreshing delicious and delightful lucrative yet light-hearted lovely lemonade stand run by two talented and (one getting very much) taller terrific ladies.

Esha and Belle.. Thank you for inviting me to you lemonade stand. I twas delicious! I'm proud of you both for your great work ethic on such a hot summer day.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Believe In You

104 years ago today the Ford Motor Company was created by Henry Ford and 11 associate investors. Ford cars are everywhere, a reality today that didn't exist just 100 short years ago. You were not a reality just 10-11 short years ago.

Now you are. You are here. There has never been another you. There never will be another you.

You are very special, and very magnificent. I saw this confirmed and learned this past year in your eyes and actions and test results (boy do I miss you guys as I'm remembering seeing this).

What special and magnificent things will you do with your lives? You are capable of incredible things. One way to gain insight and inspiration into how to make this happen is to study those who have already done it. Henry Ford might be one of these people for you.

Photograph:Henry Ford.
Henry Ford.
Ford Motor Company

born July 30, 1863, Wayne county, Mich., U.S.
died April 7, 1947, Dearborn, Mich.

(I included the state where he was born mainly for Malcolm and Dallas, as much as it hurt me to do this :-)

He was an American industrialist who revolutionized factory production with his assembly-line methods.

Ford spent most of his life making headlines, good, bad, but never indifferent. Celebrated as both a technological genius and a folk hero, Ford was the creative force behind an industry of unprecedented size and wealth.

Remember, find those who have what you want, do what they did, and you'll get what they got.

I miss and love you all, not just for who you already are, but for who you are in the process of becoming. Never give up on yourself. Never shrink from a challenge to become more.

Never, never, become less.

You are a special gift to this world. Develop your highest self and give the gift of yourself, your unique talents and genius to the world, and make it an even better place than it already is!

When do you do it? Today. You do it every today by believing you can.

I believe in you, today, and every today.

Mr. Stuart

Your teacher whenever you still need me.

I decided to copy this post to all three other weblogs, getting the message of your confidence and courage to as many people as possible. Thank you for believing in yourselves and working as hard as much as I believed in and worked with you.

I invited them to read your comments. You DO make a difference in the world. I thank you for paying attention to how you spell those words (hint, hint :-)

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Monday, June 11, 2007


So strange that nothing in the picture is really moving yet looks like it is. How is this made possible?

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fractional Geometry

Hey Guys! I miss you all and appreciate the comments and emails. I truly miss all the fun and learning that went on this year. You were a wonderful class to come to every morning.

Here's a little geometry and fraction summer fun I learned at a workshop today. Assuming the yellow octagon equals one whole, what is the fraction for all the pieces in the left picture and what is the fraction of all the pieces in the right?

How do you know?

I still care about all of you. I still want you to use those wonderful brains of yours. I can't tell you how impressed I was with your class performance on the FCAT!

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

"In school they told me practice makes perfect.
Then they told me no one is perfect.
So I stopped practicing."

- Steven Wright
- comedian

I miss you guys. I have more time now to work on my masters and books but also more time to remember what a great year this was. You were an incredible class and once again achieved an incredibly high class average on the FCAT.

And yes, once again in BOTH reading and math. I'm proud of you and hope you're enjoying you're well-deserved summer. You earned it.

By the way, we know that PERFECT practice makes perfect.

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