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This is dedicated to my amazing students. The goal is for each and every one of them to feel unstoppable by the time they walk out of the classroom door for the final time in May. This chronicles their journey; their own Chronicles of Self-Actualization.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Black History Month - Sandeep

What Black History Month Means To Me

Hmm… I wonder what black history month means to me. Oh now remember. Black history month means to me that that just like how Martin Luther Kong J.R, had made big dreams like his four words that I know starting his speech. It’s ‘’I HAVE A DREAM”!! Those words mean to me that I know I could dream just like that and showing with those words I could turn those amazing dreams real and make great changes in our just like how Martin Luther King did which was stopping racism.

Another thing is like how Harriet Tubman found the underground railroad and freed slavery. Also for slavery it means to me that I would never have to be treated in a nasty way and it also means that since some of the slaves were treated as if they needed a boss telling the people that used them as slaves like… uh asking to use the bathroom yea and not doing it on there own without letting someone to tell you to do that. That means to me that I would never have to use a boss. Well that’s all I have to say for now bye!!!!!!

Black History Month - Haseeb

To me black history month mean that I will never be enslaved in my soul and I will always dream big do big and be big. Another thing black history month means to me is that I will fly so high and break away from the slavery of not being able to do something I want to do. Another thing black history means to me is that I will be able to do anything I want to do and no one will be able to stop me from doing that.

Lockheed Martin - Sandeep




Black History Month - Esha

Black History Month
Black history month is important for me for many reasons.
I mean ,what is the fun if black & whites have to go to different schools, have to drink from different fountains & have to go to pubic bathrooms. There is also no fun being a slave. So why not just cooperate & have fun together. Of course it is this way now but before it wasn't’t. What is the fun of you getting sold to people to become slaves & working until dawn then getting up early & start working. That sounds boring & is boring. These are the reasons black history month is important to me!!!

Black History Month - Dallas

#2 What Black History Month means to me by Dallas Nelson Black history month means lots of things to me, like baseball. I'm glad that slavery was outlawed and more. First, I will tell you why baseball is part of it. Baseball is part of it because of Jackie Robertson. Jackie Robertson was the first black person to step up to the plate in professional baseball and if he didn't the Tigers wouldn't have been so good. Next, I'm glad slavery was outlawed because I know what they felt like when I get in trouble at Dad's house and get locked in my room. I wouldn't have friends like Malcolm and Careem. Finally, there would be a lot of crashes because the guy who invented the traffic light was black and they would have to open more hospitals because there already is a lot of crashes, and without traffic lights people would constantly get hurt in crashes. As you can see by my story black history means a lot to me... how about you?

Lockheed Martin - Dallas

#1 What I Dallas Nelson felt from Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin got me fired up about all of the stuff they did. I thought the thermal energy camera was very cool, because when you were hot, you were light colored and when you were cold, it cam up black on the screen because of thermal energy. Next up was the cat-a-pult because it was very cool when they launched by shoe about fifty feet in the air. I thought that was so cool that I want to build one myself. The pully tug-a-war was cool because on one side of the rope there was a pulley that made that side feel two times heavier. I learned that the pulley makes it easy to lift stuff or pull stuff. Finally, the PB&J robot. It was very cool because you had to be very specific or the robot would mess it up. Even thought the robot was a human, she really made it look real. I learned lots of things from Lockheed Martin... so, thank you Lockheed Martin!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This is where I began my teaching career, at this private school in north-central Ohio. I'm constantly talking about this place as the birth of my teaching ideals and having the great fortune to be mentored by the Headmaster, spending many afternoons absorbing this great educational leader's wealth of knowledge, Brother Robert Lavelle.

I spoke with Brother Robert the other day and it made me want to share this great school with you. The following is from the web site, which you can go to by clicking here. Many world leaders in many different areas have come from this school and its way of teaching. I teach you in the same way the best I can, as if you are attending this best-of-the-world's-best private institutions.

Gilmour Academy, founded in 1946 by the Brothers of Holy Cross from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, is an independent, coeducational Catholic preparatory school with enrollment from the preschool through high school levels.

The 143 acre campus is located in Gates Mills, an eastern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The campus facilities include a chapel, science center, fine and performing arts center, and two dormitories. The athletic complex includes eight playing fields, a natatorium, a fieldhouse, and a NHL sized ice rink.

As a Catholic School in the Holy Cross tradition, Gilmour Academy has chosen as its mission the education of the mind and the heart. Gilmour instills in each student a strong sense of personal self-worth through personal achievement. The world our students will soon lead will require them to be persons of great courage and moral stamina, with an enthusiastic, lifelong desire to learn.

Teaching for Many Ways of Learning

By instilling a strong sense of self-worth through individual achievement, Gilmour helps students reach for their personal best. We regard each student as a unique learner and support our students' efforts to achieve their greatest potential, helping to make their education here a great adventure. Students are often pleased to discover that their best is better than they ever thought possible.

Developing Lifelong Learners

The curriculum at Gilmour emphasizes mastery of major curricular areas, empowering students to develop their skills as communicators, complex thinkers, and effective and collaborative problem solvers. In today's increasingly complex world, students are more likely to succeed when they are able to think critically and solve complex problems. Gilmour has incorporated into its curriculum the best of both traditional and new educational thinking to develop habits of the mind.

By instilling a strong sense of self-worth through individual achievement, Gilmour helps students reach for their personal best. We regard each student as a unique learner and support our students' efforts to achieve their greatest potential, helping to make their education here a great adventure. Students are often pleased to discover that their best is better than they ever thought possible.

As a college preparatory school, we know attending Gilmour may not be for everyone. It is a privilege requiring the discernment of parents, students, and the Academy. Gilmour has a wonderful and growing history of graduating young women and men of moral character prepared to succeed in college and in life, with a commitment to justice and compassion toward others.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Great FCAT link

Haseeb has found a very good website to practice your testing.

Online FCAT test

Principal's Award Winner

This week it's Bridget for her absolutely amazing abilities artistically and analytically. Awesome! (pic to follow)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Planetary Poems

Jessica showing her first poem about Mercury. I wanted to post it but she took it away from me, snatching it from my hands, until she finishes a poem for all of the planets.

Aiy, these artists are so fickle! Jjust kidding about the snatching - she suggested using that word instead of "took" in my story. (see "Once Upon a Tree", which is soon to be posted)

Monday, February 19, 2007


This is a fantastic creative gift from Mrs. Gryna! I'm sure you all have heard the song "Fergilicious". Think of the beat while you read these words. For you UK readers who might know Fergie herself, pass this on and thank her for her talents. Who knows? Maybe she'll want to do a collaboration with our own talented Mrs. Gryna! Together they could make education kool!


Listen up ya’ll, ‘cause this is it

The beat that I’m dropping is testalicious

Fcatlicious definition make them students a mess

They all want a 5 so they get their rest and eat breakfast

You can test me, you can’t stress me

It ain’t easy, It ain’t measley

Schools got reasons why they teach’em

1’s and 2’s just go like seasons


Don’t be pessimistic

And if you have fear

Just tell it disappear

I blow kisses (mmmwwahhh)

I send my worries bye, bye

And they be lining down the block just to see the score I got

So testalicious (it’s long, long)

So testalicious (But I’m strong, strong)

So testalicious (they wanna see the score I got)

I’m Fcatlicious (t-t-t-t-t-testing, testing)

Fcatlicious def-

Fcatlicious def-

Fcaticious def-(def,def,def,def,)

Fcaticious definition make the students go crazy.

Testing is so easy

Answers come to me so breezy

I’m the F to the C, A to the T

And can’t no other student score 5’s like me

I’m Fcatlicious

My score stay vicious

I be up in the class just working on my test

I’m the best

Send my worries bye, bye,

And they be lining down the block just to see the score I got

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Technology in the Classroom

I have a theory: If you help others, others will help you. I help Zack improve his learning by analyzing his data.....

and Zack helps me steal Jessica's chips :)

Desks are still useful for focusing attention....

And Jessica appreciates the help I can give her.

Analyzing Mahrukh's PowerPoint presentation....

And "helping" Sandeep with his project.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Differentiated Instruction

Different needs need different instruction. One-on-one, learning in pairs, small group, working by oneself, and student teaching. What's important is determining how each student learns best and teaching in a way that allows for this learning to occur (see Brain Recognition for how to do this with your own children at home).

Working one-on-one with the future Professor Lachinski.

Ryan and Mark determined to work the data.

Working closely with the Sky Man.

Stepping in to provide some small group instruction to guide the direction of student small groups.

Overseeing the progress of the group's work.

Belle finding she needs to work on part of the project separately.

Mahrukh and Bridget design a very good PowerPoint review lesson for the class.

Bridget and Jessica display their graph of visitors to their website in both circle and bar graphs.

This was a great exercise in the application of textbook knowledge to real world problem solving and developing marketable skills.

The group of Serena, Zack, Mahrukh, Brianna, Amanda, and Summer put up their graph.

A tracker was added on this site two weeks ago. In that time, not including the United States, 37% of the visitors are from China, 23% are from New Zealand, 12% are from India, 12% from the United Kingdom, 8% from France, and 4% from Canada.

Ironically, China and India are likely to become the next two world super powers and main competitors to the United States. They rank #1 and #3 in who read about and study the accomplishments of these amazing students.

Ideally, the development of students like these and their readers from other countries will allow our nations to interact in a peaceful spirit of healthy competition and cooperation. The size of your world is the size of your mind.

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The Struggle and The Slam

Today the desks were removed and the classroom became a giant circle. We reviewed a reading assignment and discussed the thinking behind our answers. The level of thinking these 10 and 11 year-olds are capable of is remarkable.

Bridget even turned the entire dialogue and debate into a play-by-play basketball game. I had mentioned that as impressive as an athlete slam dunking the ball is, a person using their brain at the highest levels is even more impressive.

As an example, Dunk-a-Rena Serena clears up an argument using evaluation, the very highest form of Bloom's Taxonomy of thinking.

Bridget's creativity and well-developed brain power allowed her to understand what was going on so well that she analyzed what was going on (by breaking it down into its parts) and synthesized it (put the parts back together applying it to an entirely new situation).

Today's lesson was termed "The Struggle and the Slam". In order to be able to do the slamming, a student must be able to do the struggling. The struggle with a problem and thinking it through is what develops the thinking muscles of the brain.

A ball was passed across the circle when someone had something to say. Needless to say, EVERYBODY had to get the ball. In this "mental gym" everybody works out. The harder the workout the greater the growth.

Thanks to Skyler and Serena who took pictures while still being heavily involved in the debate. It wasn't possible to match every picture to the action but I did my best.

The game begins. Dallas starts with the ball, as Belle distracts him. Dallas shoots.............and Scores! Coach Stuart yells out for someone to explain why Dallas' shot went in.

Serena uses her super strategy so that she could make a score. She did not want Mr.Stuart eating his food before lunchtime.

Serena and Amanda are 1 on 1. They steal the ball various times, until Jessica cuts in.

Amanda loses it, and she and Jessica chase Serena to the hoop. Serena passes it to Summer, who prepares to shoot.

They dribble..... and Mr. Stuart calls a time out, asking the team to explain the play-making going on.

Now Nick makes a basket, with a very good point.
Jessica just slam dunked, after missing a couple shots! HOORAY!
Amanda and Nick and Jessica are playing 3 on 3! Now, another time out takes place. A penalty for those off their bench.

Dallas did not know why he missed the big shot.

Mahrukh steals the ball, and runs for the basket, but Skyler stops her on the way there.

Amanda almost makes it, but Jessica saves the ball and it's hers!

Jessica shoots with all her might, but it hits the board and falls back.
Serena the slam dunker catches it and speeds to the other hoop. She passes it to her teammate, Malcolm. Times Up!

Time for the next round. Mr.Stuart has a pep talk with his team. Everyone feels better, and gets ready to get back in the game.

Malcolm has the ball. Can he make this shot, and can Ryan show up for practice in time?
Skyler quickly takes the ball and makes a shot. He got his team a point.

Sandeep got passed the ball. He makes a really good shot, and his team gets 2 points!

Mark starts with the ball. Then, he drops it and Summer gets it. She makes a shot! Almost a slam dunk!

Mr. Stuart calls a time out. There are 2:00 left in the game until the next round. He tells his team that some of them are starting to struggle, which is a good thing because it means they're making their brain power grow.

Dallas and Jessica keep convincing him that they'd like to get back to the game. The game begins, and Zack passes the ball to Nick, who makes a shot.

Briana catches the ball and prepares to make another shot. She shoots, and Mr.Stuart calls an immediate time out.

Another penalty for Dallas, who shouted out a bad play during the game.

Haseeb tells the team a very good plan for the last ten seconds of the game.

Then, when it begins, Summer slam dunks! Time for the next round.

Mr.Stuart fills them with words of wisdom before they continue. Skyler also shares some very good words with his friends.
He calls one of the final time outs, just as Hasseb takes the ball.

Belle quickly comes up with a useful plan. Skyler agrees and adds to it.

Briana now has the ball. She dodges everybody in her way. She passes it to Hasseb, who passes it to Ryan, who scores!

Everyone high fives, and heads to lunch. Lunch Break!!!!

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